About Us.

What We Do

We Design and develop websites and web-based applications for all businesses, big and small. While there are many ways to improve business presence for our clients, Xurnet has been pushing into the cloud applications technology, as it is becoming the forefront of business tool development. Building powerful online tooling for our customers, we create an easier way for businesses to operate more effectively and efficiently. We set a mission to deliver not just a website or app idea but a beautiful powerhouse to every customer. We hope you will join us in this journey to improve businesses online.

Our Story

Xurnet was born out of necessity. With customers coming to us needing best-in-class websites to keep up with the online market, we had to help, so in 2021, we decided to create this agency. In the early stages of Xurnet, we intended to create beautiful websites that stood out by design but as you may have encountered yourself, companies have intricate and unique challenges to tackle. With the high-level challenges businesses have, a DIY website builder platform would not be able to achieve these objectives. With this big problem, we entered the cloud application technology space, with well-experienced programmers we are ready to build your problem-solving platform. Today we are excited and eager to help our customers elevate their business strategies and operations.

Paul Dieruf

@Healing US

Xurnet a Web Design and IT Management company has and continues to play a major role in the development of our non-profit organization Healing US. CEO Nazar Korotyuk brought his knowledge, experience, and creativity to designing our web page. Without Xurnet to help guide us through the complexities of starting a new business, we would still be scratching our heads on where to start. The continued management of all our IT needs will be extremely important to the success of Healing US and moving forward in the future. Nazar Korotyuk is now not just a business associate but someone I can trust and call family. My dream of healing anyone and everyone's wounds and improving their quality of life became a reality the day I started working with Xurnet, I Would highly recommend this company to everyone.

Alla Prokulevich

@Elegant Events

Finding a great web designer is not always easy. If you need someone who knows what they are doing, smart, detail-oriented, and professional. Then Xurnet is the way! When my website was done by Xurnet, it was everything I wanted and much more. Classy and elegant. It is easy to use but looks very professional. If I could give more than five stars, I would. You won't be disappointed if you use Xurnet.